Homeopathy And Covid

Today I am going to talk about Covid and Homeopathy Treatment Systems…

You all know that homeopathy is a widely accepted treatment in Kerala today. However, many misconceptions about this treatment system are widespread in our society. So I would like to give a brief explanation about the homeopathic treatment system.

How does homeopathic medicines work?

Homeopathic medicines do not destroy germs, weaken toxins or make up for deficiencies in the body as in modern medicine. However, in a special way, the life force in the patient’s body i.e vital force, is stimulated by these drugs. Thus this stimulated living entity understands what the body needs to get rid of the disease and acts accordingly.

Homeopathy engages in giving the least amount of medicine that can cause symptoms similar to specific symptoms in a healthy body. When you try to resist the drug, the life force strengthens itself and the pre-existing disease gets dispelled.

The main reason for getting rid of the disease is that it has the power to counteract the symptoms similar to the previous ones. It is an accepted law of nature that a disease similar to a symptom can eradicate another disease that is less powerful.

In homeopathic treatment, medicines act as a powerful substance that can cause symptoms. Moreover the drug dose can be reduced so that the potency of the drug can be transferred from the body as quickly as possible.

Although this homeopathic theory is difficult for many to accept, it is unlikely that it will be accepted as long as it is benefited.

Covid Pandemic and Homeopathy

Now when I come to my topic, homeopathy can deal with this covid pandemic in two ways. First one is preventive treatment and the second one is to treat and cure after the onset of the disease.

These two are the methods that every system should adopt. So now there is preventive treatment as well as curative treatment  i.e. cure for the disease.

So the first thing to say is Immunotherapy. By immunotherapy we mean to increase a person’s immunity to prevent the risk of disease from occurring. In homeopathy, preventive medicine is the use of drugs that can be used effectively by more patients to prevent the disease.

At present we usually recommend Arsenicum Album 30, i.e. 30 repetitions, as a preventive medicine. We can gain immunity when we take one dose of this drug on an empty stomach for three or four days.

It is best to repeat this once a month as Arsenicum Album provides action for about two months. Hence in a month we will definitely get that action in full.

So it can be repeated once a month but in areas where the disease is more likely to occur, it is better to repeat every 20 days. Similarly, taking one pill for 4 days will increase immunity.

So this is what homeopathy treatment does to boost up your immunity.

Now the second one is the treatment after the onset of the disease. So after the onset of the disease, as I mentioned earlier, in homeopathy we give medicines which have similar symptoms.

The previously mentioned drug named Arsenicum Album is said to be a cure for similar symptoms. In homeopathy, many medicines such as Bryonia, Gelsemium, Phosphorus are prescribed according to the symptoms.

The main symptoms of covid include fever, sore throat, dry cough, body aches, shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell and diarrhea. Each of these symptoms is different for many patients and not all symptoms may be present in everyone. Therefore, homeopathy usually involves treating a patient according to his or her symptoms and treating them accordingly.

Now in the allopathic system, if a cure for covid is found, then that specific medicine is given to all covid patients. But not so in homeopathy. As we know that not everyone has the same symptoms when affected with covid.

Therefore in homeopathy, we use different medicines to treat different symptoms. We treat the disease in accordance with the symptoms found in each patient. So that’s another feature of homeopathy.

Similarly, there are various homeopathic remedies for complicated diseases that usually affect the heart muscle, pneumonia as well. So it is possible to give medicines according to the diseases and cure them completely.

If we can cure all diseases in homeopathy then covid can also be treated and cured as well…

Symptoms are identified and the treatment is adjusted accordingly in homeopathic treatment. What we need to understand is that homeopathy is a very effective as well as inexpensive treatment method that is convenient to use and has no side effects.

So I would like to say that our Kerala society should understand the positive aspects of this drug and use it more for prevention as it has these benefits. Because it is always better to prevent the disease than to cure it.

So my personal opinion is that we should use this drug extensively to increase immunity, both at the government level and off.