Mouth Ulcer

Mouth Ulcers are usually small sores that appear inside the mouth. Sores that develop in the inner parts of the cheeks, tongue and skin can cause severe discomfort in some people.

This includes being unable to talk properly and having a burning sensation on the lesion while eating spicy and sour food. This problem affects one in five adults and 5 to 10 percent in children.

Mild mouth sores occur 3-4 times a year and last upto a week. It is most common in people between the ages of 10 and 20. Complex mouth ulcers are relatively rare. It is more likely to recur in people who have had it before.

Why Do Mouth Ulcers Occur?

Although mouth ulcers are common, it is not always a trivial disease. The reasons for this are many since even common mouth ulcers can be thought of as symptoms of cancer.

In addition to that, mouth ulcers can also arise due to several underlying gastrointestinal and respiratory
diseases as well.

It can also occur when you change your meal schedule and experience stress during exams. It is also seen when the stomach loses its balance after taking certain antibiotics.

What Are The Types Of Mouth Ulcers?

There are currently 2 types of mouth ulcers : Painful and Non-painful.

Painless mouth sores are extremely dangerous. It can be due to stomach or intestine cancer or the onset of symptoms of such illness.

What Are The Treatments For Mouth Ulcers?

In case of mouth ulcers, avoid salt, spicy, sour, alcohol, tea, tobacco and papaya as much as possible.

  • Eat plenty of vegetarian foods and include high fiber vegetables in your diet. It is also best to drink plenty of water as well.
  • Rinsing the mouth with salt water is a remedy for mouth ulcers. The most appropriate way is to rinse the mouth with salt in hot water.
  • Add baking soda to water and apply on the sores. Rinse your mouth after a while. Doing this at least three to four times a day will help to get rid of mouth sores in just 2 days.
  • Coriander which is used regularly in the kitchen also eliminates mouth ulcers. When you have mouth ulcers just take a little and chew it.
  • Applying honey or coconut oil on the sore spot can help prevent mouth ulcers.

In addition, aloe vera juice is very good for soothing mouth ulcers

It is best to seek medical attention as soon as possible if the condition does not improve.