Patient review

Shamini Sajith – Covid Recovered Patient


My name is Shamini Sajith. I am a covid recovered patient and I am sharing my experience in this video. I am 23 years old. I am a BDS student in Government Medical College, Pariyaram. I was tested positive while volunteering for National Health Mission.

What are the questions that comes in the mind of every positive patients?

The first question that comes in the mind of every positive patient is “How did it happen to me?” “After taking every precaution, how did it happen to me?” The virus is very silent and can get in very sneakily. Hence all we could do is minimizing the cause of getting infected.

What were the symptoms that I experienced?

My infection was limited to throat… Majority of us, in this age group experience such non-life-threatening symptoms.

What we face?

More than the disease, it is the society’s norms we come across at this point of journey!!! But we cannot blame the whole society as well. Everybody is in fear of this pandemic. But we should also consider about the positive patient’s emotional stress too.

If you are tested positive?

 Do not panic
 Obey the rules said by Government and Health sector
 Try not to hear and share fake news
 Eat healthy food
 Drink ample amount of water
 Talk with good positive minded people
In these times, we get lot of opportunities to understand good
people out there who really cares us and realize the value of
our life.

Thank you, Doctors, Parents, Principal, Health care workers,
Health Inspectors, Teachers, Police officers, Family, and Friends.
Thank you for watching this video

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